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Title: 2023/1/8 12:55:09
I’m in disgust. The shrimps wernt cleaned whatsoever. The poop was stuck and smeared all over it. When I opened it up it was covered in its black poop. The chef is being so lazy not even cleaning the shrimp properly. I will definitely be telling others, because this is how you get sick!
Title: 2023/1/26 15:15:56
Do you have a robot at this location?
Title: 2022/9/22 17:03:02
Im book a reservation for saturday 24 at 12h30 pm. thank you Jeff
Title: 2022/7/21 13:03:50
What is disappointed me I am senior and Eat atthis place for several times and new waitress asked for idea why if that policy continue I am very disappointed like other sushi never ask so why this new server making new rules Manager you have to know This not right and fair costumer has to be treat with dignity and respect
Title: 2022/7/1 2:57:46
I went to your restaurant yesterday for my birthday. I will NEVER go there again. The service was horrible the waitress argued with me and charged me for 4 places when only 3 ppl ate. Why do you need to rip people off on there birthdays?? Fuck you and you shit service. Sushi was yummy
Title: 2022/5/3 10:20:02
I hope the food would improve too MsG me and friends eat at your restaurant after I left my stomach herts and I have severe blootation almost going to go the hospital I hope to understand costumer looking to have best food and enjoy it do not use msg to killing us pls
Title: 2022/4/2 11:45:58
Horrible service and won’t even seat you with a reservation
Title: 2022/3/6 7:55:29
You need an online reservations system. I've been trying to call and got full mailbox once and a cell phone whose voicemail had not been initialized. Unacceptable in this day and age.
Title: 2022/3/28 13:28:13
Bad customer service!!! I arrived with my party of 6ppl and mentioned it was my birthday. The response was our price is $32.95 are you all ok with that….. shocking!! I wasn’t looking for free food, just letting them know we were celebrating. Never again, Merivale location much better service and with a smile
Title: 2022/3/24 9:36:57
I tried calling to make a reservation but can’t reach anyone, can I book a table this Saturday at 5pm for 5 people please
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