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1760 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa ON K1G 1A2

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★On Feb 14th and Feb 19th , we run all day Dinner Buffet and No lunch buffet available. Lunch buffet is available from 11am to 3:15pm except the above 2 holidays. ★

Please find the price at the MENU section!

Open 7 Days A Week + Holidays
Sun -Thur:11:00am ~ 9:00pm (Last Order at 8:30pm)
Fri - Sat:11:00am ~ 10:00pm (Last order at 9:30pm)  

Acceptable Card

Title: 2024/1/8 12:26:13
Title: 2024/1/2 18:53:31
To the owner of Sushi 168 Merivale, I used to come weekly to your place, always receiving excellent quality food. Since last year the food has become dramatically lower quality. We keep hoping the next time will be better. Tonight, unfortunately I was very disappointed in the quality of food and the HYGIENE of the waiters and kitchen staff. The same person that was sweeping was serving the food, without washing. A kitchen staff was picking his teeth. Some waiters were on their phone, then serving the food with their fingers in the food dishes. Another lady waiter wiped her nose with her hand, then served the food. She needed to sneeze , took off her mask then sneezed on the SAME counter that the food gets placed. The rolls were over filled with rice with no taste, the sashimi quality- I had to spit out a few pieces that I could not chew. Please fix these things bc I used to love this place.
Title: 2024/1/15 15:34:05
Title: 2023/9/26 9:01:35
Too expensive for dried out food!!
Title: 2023/12/16 14:47:35
Restaurant Need to change the policy of asking for ID otherwise they’re gonna lose a lot of customer. It’s not offensive of a displace Ida sickness to stop doing this because they don’t believe the customer.
Title: 2023/12/13 16:38:16
Disappointed i am senior every time I come to this place before I sat to the table servers asking me for idea when other sushi they believed me I am not coming back to this place so bad when costumers feeling someone can’t believed the costumers shame
Title: 2023/11/18 15:59:46
Too cheap for soaking wet food!
Title: 2023/11/17 5:31:06
Title: 2021/12/4 18:49:23
Great place.
Title: 2021/12/4 18:48:59
Great place.
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