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Acceptable Card

Title: 2021/7/28 19:14:06
When will you open dine-in again, Merival location already open
Title: 2021/12/4 18:49:23
Great place.
Title: 2021/12/4 18:48:59
Great place.
Title: 2021/12/22 8:27:22
I recommend you to change the sashimi very bad quality not as used to To much rice in the sushi I had bloated and feeling sick from it yesterday when I eat at your restaurant To much MSG affect people’s health I am health doctor this my suggestion for you guys to take of your quality of food Thank you
Title: 2021/12/15 8:34:31
Good morning, We would like a dinner reservation for 5 people for 6:30pm on Friday December 17, please. Thank you.
Title: 2021/12/14 19:07:17
I made an order on December 14th, 2021 @08:02 pm for pick up. I ordered “spicy salmon crisp roll (6 ps). AD Crispy. (x4)” When I got home to check/open my order, I did not receive the correct order. It was too late to call because the restaurant was closed to complain about my order. Very disappointing.
Title: 2021/12/11 15:28:14
Disappointed with quality and freshness of some of the dishes. Fast service but made me wonder if the dishes were already made waiting to be served. Love sushi but unsure if I will return to this location/chain
Title: 2021/11/28 9:43:36
I am sos disappointed went yesterday food is bad sashimi frozen I would never going again service is takes long you to waiter he never smile and bad attitude I am not happy at all with everything after I paid big price on the weekend i don’t know why the changed of the food ?
Title: 2021/10/12 21:38:18
Pls your food need improvement like quality of seafood is different then used like sashimi used to better but this a good place I really like to cole only need to improve the food pls
Title: 2021/10/1 9:12:09
Not pleased with the quality of the food items lately. come on guys! You are so much better than this!
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