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Title: 2021/2/19 8:11:43
Good Morning, I'm wondering if I can make a reservation on Feb 21, 2021 at 1pm for 4 people? I've tried calling but it goes to voicemail. Please let me know if there is space at this time. Thank you, Daniel
Title: 2021/2/17 5:20:08
Made reservations for 7pm last night for my moms birthday. We called an hour in advance to let them know we would be 20 minutes late due to the snowstorm. They assured me they would hold our table. We got there and the host was extremely rude and inconsiderate then told me we were late and they never hold anyones table. Which is the exact opoosite of what they told me on the phone. We ahve been long time and frequent customers who give A LOT of our money to this restaurant. We will not be returning. We will turn everyone away from 168 Sushi restuarants. Unbelieveable.
Title: 2021/2/14 9:03:08
Pls make the food tasty will be their soon
Title: 2021/2/13 21:02:18
Soon this restaurant it’s going to opened I wish food will very good and delicious I cant wait to go back to this place I missed dining in
Title: 2021/1/25 16:52:13
Hello,   I just wanted to double check on how you prepare and cook your sushi to make sure that it doesn't contain any item that's against my beliefs,   1- What type of oil do you use to fry (Vegetables oil,..)? 2- Do you cook pork and other shrimps at the same fryer or using the same oil? 3- Do you add alcohol to any of your ingredients?   Regards, Mohamed
Title: 2020/9/3 13:35:42
Trying to call to make a reservation. Can't get through. Two people, tomorrow, Friday, September 4, 5:30 pm Please confirm. 647-801-2620 is my cell number. Georganne Burke
Title: 2020/9/11 17:20:13
Guide dogs and service animals If you have a guide dog or other service animal, they must be allowed to stay with you when you receive services in: restaurants grocery stores taxis
Title: 2020/9/11 17:00:12
Here is the legislation regarding service dogs Similar to the Code, the AODA itself is silent with respect to the rights of persons with disabilities and responsibilities or duties of service providers with regards to service animals. However, the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, which is a Regulation to the AODA, sheds light on the issue in section 4: 4. (2) If a person with a disability is accompanied by a guide dog or other service animal, the provider of goods or services shall ensure that the person is permitted to enter the premises with the animal and to keep the animal with him or her unless the animal is otherwise excluded by law from the premises.
Title: 2020/9/10 19:17:44
Food is good but salmon quality sometimes is good sometimes is different pls keep it fresh as usual rice needs to be improved with some taste when we asked for shrimp buffet waitress give 4 and when we asked more they takes time to brings it and other things when you order couples of times they slow the food makes u stop eating or leave, pls manager needs to look after this comment to build back his business this place is nice and good but needs some improvement hope the service getting much better because this is my preference place Thank you to continue serving costumers and doing your best hope my comments help to improve it .
Title: 2020/8/22 16:36:38
I booked a reservation and came into your restaurant on time. There was a huge crowd in the door way. Thinking they were all walk ins. Considering we should all be social distancing there should be a hostess outside. I felt unsafe and was screamed at by one of your customers that I went ahead of him to let the hostess know I was there for my reservation. The employees did nothing to diffuse the situation.
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