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Title: 2019/11/3 15:41:37
Do you serve snow crab legs?
Title: 2019/11/28 15:50:26
Title: 2019/11/27 6:29:48
Dear 168 Sushi, I am writing to apply for a part-time server position at your Merivale location. My availability is M-F (5pm-close), Weekends (free). Please let me know if there are any availability, I would very much like to send a copy of my resume. Thank you! Jonathan Lam (647)-992-2698
Title: 2019/10/9 14:35:57
Your salad bar needs to have label what type of dressing and ice cream they are. Ice cream freezer is not cold enough leaving your ice cream really soft. Your general Toa chicken and lemon chicken is not fresh. It is like a rock. Better take it off the menu. Most things are too greasy Like your teriyaki, your Thai fried rice, all other things taste blend . What was good are the salad, shrimp, chicken skew and small short ribs going. One thing you must improve is your general toa and lemon chicken as it is unacceptable.
Title: 2019/10/27 2:11:33
went to this location with a group of 4, we placed our order then the server came up and told us that it was way to much food for us and there was no way we would be able to eat it all, she then told us that we needed to look over it and take some food off. So we went through, removed some items then she came back and told us the same thing again, we insisted that we would be fine so she walked away and brought back who i assume was the manager who told us that they were not going to make our order and that we needed to leave. Being someone who is a huge sushi lover and having gone to a very large amount of sushi restaurant I was completely baffled by how rude the server as well as the “manager” were. I would have understood if we had order 20 rolls or more but we had order maybe 10 rolls and probably one other item each to share between the 4 of us.
Title: 2019/10/21 18:31:10
Can we make a reservation for 4 on November 3, 2019 at 5pm? Thank you!
Title: 2019/10/19 14:12:30
I think it's ridiculous that you need to pay with cash or credit. My friend brought her debit card that was Visa and they would not accept it. They scam you with an overpriced meal and ATM machine on top of that.
Title: 2019/10/16 7:54:36
Title: 2019/10/16 7:54:01
I came to lunch at your st. Laurent location yesterday and now I'm having some pretty bad stomach issues. Is there anything you can do for me?
Title: 2018/9/5 13:03:55
Do you have gift cards?
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