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Title: 2019/10/21 18:31:10
Can we make a reservation for 4 on November 3, 2019 at 5pm? Thank you!
Title: 2019/10/19 14:12:30
I think it's ridiculous that you need to pay with cash or credit. My friend brought her debit card that was Visa and they would not accept it. They scam you with an overpriced meal and ATM machine on top of that.
Title: 2019/10/16 7:54:36
Title: 2019/10/16 7:54:01
I came to lunch at your st. Laurent location yesterday and now I'm having some pretty bad stomach issues. Is there anything you can do for me?
Title: 2018/9/5 13:03:55
Do you have gift cards?
Title: 2018/9/29 20:25:06
Hi, My family and I had a bad experience at this location today, Saturday Sept. 29: some of the food we ordered was delayed for approximately an hour. The duty manager response is really disappointing, he was just trying to give unacceptable excuses and did not apologize until I requested him to do so. That is the second time in a row we have an issue at this branch, and it is unlikely that we will visit it again. Best regards, Hassan
Title: 2018/8/8 11:24:14
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Title: 2018/8/6 16:06:25
Hello, I would like to speak with the manager at once. I am absolutely outraged, I came in with a table of 4 yesterday, and everyone else received their food while I waited for over an hour for items ordered multiple times. I checked with staff members, they said it was coming and it never showed up. I refused to pay and walked out very upset. I’ve never been shown such bad service in my previous times here, and I’m a loyal customer. Please get a hold of me at your earliest convenience
Title: 2018/7/26 18:31:32
My husband and our 11yr old twins just left your restaurant for the last time. After being regular patrons for years I was very disappointed to be told that simply because one of my daughters is tall that she should now pay the same price as a 200lb male customer. While the staff pointed out the 'policy' on the menu, I feel that this is blatant and ridiculous discrimination. Simply because my daughter is tall does NOT mean that she now eats the same amount as a full grown adult. I am very angry and our family will not be eating at your chain again.
Title: 2018/7/2 16:10:22
I am not sure if anyone reads these posts. I went tonight on July 2 to see if it has improved from last year, the answer is a BIG NO. To start the staff were not friendly, it was like why are you bothering me. When we ordered food some of it came and others were lost. We would get orders that were not even ours and then the staff is like "yes you ordered". The food was disgusting and did not taste right. There was alot of cross contamination at the salad cream flavors mixed with others, shrimp on straight ice no barrier. The scoops and dishes at the Salad bar were dirty. They served very warm warm water.....Definitely off the list of places to eat
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