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Title: 2020/8/16 16:56:11
Are you open for dine in?
Title: 2020/8/16 12:32:54
Hi. I heard you are open for dine in. I just want to confirm. Thank you.
Title: 2020/8/12 8:13:55
are u guys open for dine in?
Title: 2020/7/15 7:07:18
Good morning! will you be open on Friday evening for indoor dining? if yes, are you taking reservations?
Title: 2020/6/26 13:22:11
I have ordered from here on uber eats 3 times alone just this week spending over 75 $ each time. My only extra note twice was that they please send lots of lemon slices. I have never even gotten one!! Normally when u spend alot other restaurants send you free items. Given how much you charge for tiny pieces of uncooked fish ( I order sashimi) I would think u could honor a small request like slices of a 50 cent fruit!! Extremely disappointed
Title: 2020/6/21 17:48:26
When will you be open for dine in again?
Title: 2020/4/17 15:17:31
UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE with the fact that you are not accepting online orders!
Title: 2020/3/23 14:38:00
Well I guess the manager would like our business Right now but we eat to much Crab for $35 a person plus $40 of saki. Just a thought
Title: 2020/2/27 15:15:03
Title: 2020/2/27 15:14:56
i would like to apply for a job
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