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Title: 2020/2/11 14:32:54
Your online order platform is not working. Thats twice now that i had to call my order in. Doreen
Title: 2020/2/1 10:24:21
Good afternoon, I wanted to touch base with you in regards to a very upsetting evening last night at your Merivale location. A group of 6 of us began our “dinner” at 530 pm. Over the course of an hour we ordered to what we thought was a rather small menu. Only after asking if the crab legs were a special order item did our server tell us that the ipad we were given was set and locked to the lunch menu. As we had been there for an hour at this point, we did not order more then a few things off the Dinner menu as we were rather full. As we finished out dinner, and basically only ate lunch, I was extremely disappointed that we were then charged for the weekend dinner prices as we were not able to order off the actual menu for 95% of our meal. I am very upset with how this was handled by e server and that no effort was made to right this situation. I feel very disappointed and somewhat cheated after this experience.
Title: 2020/12/5 19:36:07
Food not the greatest as used to why?
Title: 2020/12/1 23:27:48
Asking better service waitresses takes time serving you asking for salad comes late Food not same quality as usual rice not cooked to bad It was my amazing place but I thing everything changed why ?
Title: 2020/11/29 13:00:54
I had bad experience I went to this branch with my husband and daughter We arrived at 3.00 pm and requested a table for lunch They said now tables are for dinner although will end at 3.30 I you wanna table you must wait for 15 min and the you must reserve dinner not lunch When I entered there were 4 empty tables They sit me on very bad table not cleaned There were left over on the sofa When I request to change the table to anther empty one they said they are all reserved Really the stuff are too rude Forced me to take dinner in the lunch time And we wait alot for the order to come When the order came it was half what we ordered I won't recommend this branch to anyone I'll fill a complain I didn't expect this poor and rude service
Title: 2020/11/27 22:12:33
Thursday service was bad order food come late and sometimes you have to asked twice to have it we been treat it unprofessional even food wasn’t the greatest as usual If you guys continue like that you going to loose many costumers manager has to move on and find out why sorry we are not going back to this place
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